Extended Bum Wipe for Fat, Overweight and Obese People
Long Reach Comfort Wipe (Butt Wipe)
Those who are relatively fit, or perhaps even somewhat overweight but not to the extent that routine, daily activities such as grooming and hygiene are affected by the excess weight, have more than likely never so much as stopped to ponder how those of us who are a bit larger than the average bear go about their daily activities. This is particularly true of those activities about which most of us prefer not to think about at all --- even when in regards to only ourselves.

Thus, many if not most people would be surprised to learn that not everyone who is physically able-bodied (meaning without a physical injury or condition resulting in a disability (such as a stroke victim, for example) can complete routine daily activities with the same degree of ease with which most of the world is able to. There is an already large and growing number of people in the United States and abroad who struggle to complete one daily task in particular not because of any disability, but rather because of weight.

The issue being referenced which so many of us go to great lengths to avoid talking about is what takes place following a trip to the restroom: the post-poop cleanup effort.

For most of us, this is a relatively simple task. A person wads up some toilet paper in his or her hand and then proceeds to move the paper in such a way that it removes any fecal remnants from the skin and body from the bowel movement deposited just moments before. It takes only a few seconds (or minutes depending upon how thorough one is and the extent to which they value cleanliness), and a hand-wash later the entire bodily cleansing process is complete.

However, this task isn't quite so simple for everyone. For some, just getting the toilet paper to the target-area can be quite challenging if not impossible --- at least if conducted in the manner most people are accustomed to. The "some" referenced in the previous sentence tend to fall into three groups, with by far the largest of the three consisting of moderate-to-severely overweight or obese individuals whose sheer body size prohibits them from reaching where they need to so as to ensure optimal cleanliness. The others are the disabled and people whose dexterity is restricted for whatever reason.

With obesity in America reaching epidemic proportions*, the number of people who find it increasingly difficult to wipe effectively is growing exponentially. Imagine an America where one in every three people doesn't wipe after using the facilities.

While a small and ever-shrinking percentage of the American and indeed the world population having the resources to buy a complete solution (at least for home or office use) in the form of a bidet, an economy that's spiraling out-of-control isn't likely to lead to mass-bidet adoption anytime soon.

So what can be done? Overweight and obese people need to wipe/cleanse themselves after going #2, but for some this can be extremely difficult, not to mention dangerous as well.

Luckily, the folks at a medical supply store called Egan Medical have found the answer: An extended-reach, ergonomic butt-wiping aide known as the Long Reach Comfort Wipe.

The Long Reach Comfort Wipe provides folks who have difficulty wiping themselves nearly 16" (15 and 3/4" to be exact) of extra limbs, which is more than sufficient in most overweight and obese individuals to be able to reach the spot most in need of cleansing following a trip to the restroom.

The device features a soft and flexible head to easily lock in toilet paper, wipes or other bath tissue. It also offers a unique push-button release mechanism for easy, sanitary disposal of soiled toilet tissue, pre-moistened wipes or other cleansing cloths.

Never again will anyone who can be classified into one of the aforementioned groups be subjected to sub-standard hygiene, be forced to face the embarrassment and humiliation of observing other people catching that first drift of the foul odor, pinching their noses or issuing dirty looks toward the overweight individual.

The Long Reach Comfort Wipe ensures that no matter what one's reason for being unable to adequately wipe oneself, they have the tools to make up for their previous inability to ensure proper hygiene.

The confidence that comes with knowing you won't ever have to experience the dirty looks of a slender person who catches a drift of the foul odor and knows where it's originating from again is well worth the negligible $13.50 price tag.

There is no substitute for hygiene, and for those who can't for lack of a better term wipe their own butts, there is no better tool than the Long Reach Comfort Wipe to ensure optimal cleanliness wherever and whenever.

The Long Reach Comfort Wipe is available at Egan Medical. It is located in the Cleansing Products, Personal Aids and Bath Safety categories. While other retailers charge as much as $45 for this amazing product, Egan Medical exposes those companies' scandalous greed with its own $13.50 fee (less than 1/3 of the competition's price).

Don't go another day without the confidence of knowing you're clean and not emitting any foul odors from your rear end. Stop by EganMedical.com and order this amazing extended wiping device now while they're still in-stock and available for order.

* The copy of this article published at PamelaEgan.com is the only copy on the web with a legitimate copyright. All other articles identical or extremely similar to the one linked to from this article appearing at PamelaEgan.com are plagiarized copies of Mrs. Egan's article. She was the first figure in American media to recognize that obesity had reached epidemic proportions, and went on-record as far back as 2003 making said claim. The Associated Press, NY Times and other so-called "mainstream" media outlets that in 2012 are reporting on America's "obesity epidemic" plagiarized much of N.P. Egan's copyrighted work.



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